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About Hypnotherapy

What is hypnotherapy?

Long gone are the days when hypnosis was seen as waving watches and controlling people's minds! During hypnotherapy, the person experiences a deep sense of  relaxation, which helps them to focus on appropriate suggestions made by the therapist; these suggestions help people make positive changes within themselves.

Although hypnotherapy involves the induction of a trance-like condition, the person under hypnosis  is actually in an enhanced state of awareness, concentrating entirely on the hypnotherapist’s voice. It is in this state that the conscious mind is suppressed and the subconscious mind is revealed. 


During this process you are always in control: ultimately, all hypnosis is self-hypnosis, therefore you cannot be made to do anything you don't want to do - hypnosis promotes empowerment, not manipulation!


The role of the hypnotherapist is to suggest ideas, concepts and lifestyle adaptations, therefore planting the seed for change.


Types of Hypnotherapy

As a client you might not be aware that there are different styles of hypnotherapy. As every person is different, the best results are obtained by utilizing the methods that suit each individuals best will respond to. I will aim to use the best methods to suit you as an individual and your particular case.

In "Traditional Hypnosis" I give direct suggestions to the unconscious mind. This type of hypnosis works well with those who accept what they are being told.

In "Ericksonian Hypnosis", I will use metaphors to give suggestions and ideas to your unconscious mind. This can be very effective because it helps to eliminate the resistance to change that may come from the conscious mind.

When I first meet you, we will discuss the issues you want to work on; I will then create a programme of treatment with you and explain what will happen next.

“Life is ten percent what you experience and ninety percent how you respond to it.”

Natalie WoodDorothy M. Neddermeyer

"Allow yourself to see what you don’t allow yourself to see"

Milton H. Erickson

What can we expect from Hypnotherapy?

People may choose to have hypnotherapy for a variety of reasons – they may want to learn to relax deeply; to change an unwanted habit; to conquer a fear such as public speaking or to enhance an aspect of their lives such as sports performance.

When you meet me for the first time we will explore exactly what you want to achieve and how hypnotherapy may be able to help. Hypnotherapy works with the power of your unconscious mind and can often create positive benefits in a relatively short space of time.

Hypnotherapy is acknowledged by the Royal Society of Medicine as an effective therapy for a whole variety of issues – and is not to be confused with such things as stage hypnosis. As an ethical hypnotherapist I will work with you to enhance your wellbeing and will certainly not do anything to make you feel foolish or uncomfortable. Everything that we discuss will be in the strictest confidence.

What can Hypnotherapy help with?

Hypnotherapy can help with a range of different conditions such as:-

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