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Happy Tapping Children Therapy
Therapy for Children

Happy Tapping with Paul

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I speak to parents every day and they all ask me how they can help their children to de-stress and stay calm. They also ask about techniques suitable for children to use themselves when they are feeling upset, stressed or anxious. There is a lot of research showing that breathing deeply is highly effective to calm the body and shift the emotional state, however, many children don’t find this easy and prefer something more practical. This is when EFT come into play:  EFT (Emotional Freedom technique) or Tapping is a very effective tool that can be adapted in a fun way for children. This is why I created ‘Happy Tapping with Paul’.


What is it?


EFT uses the energy meridians from traditional acupressure, combined with breathing and a mantra. You simply tap the acupressure points with your fingertips, while you breathe deeply and giving your subconscious a verbal message. Over time, the tapping action becomes associated with the feeling of calm they are experiencing, inducing a more relaxed state of mind. The more EFT is practiced, the more effective it becomes, just like any other mindfulness practice.  There has been research showing that EFT is effective in calming the nervous system.

Speaking from experience, I have successfully used "tapping" with bothe children and adults and have had positive feedback from many clients who have used it and taught it to their children. There are no side effects. It could not be simpler, and takes almost no time to learn. Moreover, children seem to love learning the routine. If you're curious, please get in touch... And remember... Happy Kids = Better results!

Therapy for Children

It's already in schools.  What if.. we can get into even more.

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